Organic wine industry supports French wine-grower’s stand

Emmanuel Giboulot, an organic wine grower in Burgundy, France refused to comply with the official regulations to spray pesticides on his chardonnay and pinot noir grapes and has been fined €500for it. He was earlier facing a possible six-month jail sentence and fine of €30,000 finetoo.

The pesticide is said to be the only way to prevent a new bacterial disease threatening vineyards called ‘Flavescence doree’ from spreading. There is no cure to the disease yet.

Giboulot, 51, has a 10-hectare vineyard which he has been cultivating for last 30 years using ‘biodynamic’ methods that blend organic farming techniques with spiritual forces of the cosmos. He produces Côte de beaune and haute-côte de nuits wines and rightly says that when you buy organic wine, you expect it to be pesticide-free. Besides, he claimed that the insecticide will kill many pollinating insects and bees as collateral damage which will again affect the productivity of his wines.

Emannuel has found a thunderous support among other winegrowers in France. An online petition denouncing the potential penal sentence now has more than a half million signatures on it. Several supporters gathered outside the Dijon court too to hear the final verdict.

We appreciate Emannuel Giboulot for not compromising with his work ethics and offer his clients a ‘pure’ product. We also aim to bring you choicest organic wine to suit your tastes from the best vineyards all over the world that you can really enjoy.

Our Rosnay Organic Shiraz from Cowra Central Ranges NSW is very versatile. As you might already know’Shiraz’ is the national red wine of Australia and is somewhat lighter and fruitier in taste. Pair it with stew, lean red meat and mildly spicy ethnic food and you will love it. Try it out!

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