Art of picking up a good wine from an online Wine shop

Let’s start our article with a myth-buster: Good wine does not have to be ‘old’ or ‘expensive’. It has a deep complex flavor that lingers on long after you taste it.

Normally, at a wine shop, you would follow the age-old ‘3S’ practice of selecting a good wine – Swirl, Sniff and Sip. But what about an online wine shop? You cannot touch the wine – let alone sniff it or sip it. With all those attractive ‘carrot’ deals right in front of your eyes, it is difficult not to order the bottled fun. Yet, you are afraid whether it is just a ploy to sell out some spoilt wine to unsuspecting customers.

Here are a few tips to check if you are getting value for your money or not:

  • Check out the label: Read about the region from where a wine belongs, fruits used, flavors incorporated in it and its aging process. It should give you a good idea about the ‘quality’ of the wine.
  • Read the numbers: Old wines are good but there are wines that can be enjoyed young. White wines that are one to two years old and red wines that are two to three years old are good enough.
  • Know your grape varietals: Grape varietals from different regions can vary. Explore the tastes and note down the grape variety and the region of the wine you like.

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