Right Glass of Wine forIt to Shine

If you love wines, be it a red wine, a white or any other type, I am sure you’ll never argue about the significance of selecting a perfect wine glass that is bound to enhance the tastes and flavours. Many people may disregard this as unimportant, but true wine – lovers know how indispensable it is. If you are a newbie to the realm of wines, here are few pointers that will help you pick an elegant wine glass.wills_domain_bitza_2009__63749

  • The best of wines can be identified just by looking at their colour. Thus, it is of crucial importance to be able to see the colour of the wine through the glass. This is why most people select a clear glass.
  • The shape of the glass is the next in the list of items to be considered. Choosing a wide – mouthed glass is necessary as it helps in releasing the lovely aromas of the wine when swirled. Opt for a glass with a tapered rim as this would help concentrate the aromas of the wine and enhance your wine – drinking experience.
  • It is essential to pick a light – weight glass as compared to a heavier one so that you can take in the flavours, aromas and liveliness of the wine without getting buried under the weight of the glass.
  • Glasses with stems are the most ideal wine glasses. This is because stems do not let fingerprint impressions from forming on the glass in addition to preventing the wine in the glass from warming up because of body heat being transferred through the fingers.

So, remember these tips when shopping for a glass of wine to get the maximum out of your wine drinking experience.


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