Brown Brothers- Innovation In Wine Personified

Brown Brothers is a family owned wine company hailing from North East Victoria. They are noted contributors of red wines and white wines in the Australian winemaking business. Their legacy goes way back to late 1800’s. Brown Brothers was founded by John Francis in 1889. He was just eighteen years old then and yet successfully established a vineyard in Milawa region of Victoria. This is where the Brown Brothers Winery was later constructed. His son, John Charles Brown took after him and established Brown Brothers as the most innovative winemaking company of its times. Being adventurous about wines and continuous experimentation is what took Brown Brothers above the rest and placed it as one of the noted wineries in Australia.

Brown Brothers wines- Justwines

Despite the fact that Brown Brothers has been producing wines since past 125 years, you will still find them quite unconventional in their approach. They are proud of their roots and tradition but winemaking here is quite contemporary. Innovation in wine is what directs the Brown Brothers’ future. Currently run by their third and fourth generation, the company has more than sixty different wines for tasting.

When you buy Brown Brothers wines, consider some of these bestsellers:

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato Rosa: A delicious bubbly, this wine is known all over Australia for its great taste offered at a very reasonable price. It reminds one of crushed currant and sherbet notes along with hints of musk.

Brown Brothers Explorer Series Pinot Gris: A light and refreshing treat, this wine is full of floral and citrus characters. A must try on warm summer evenings.

Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Shiraz: Lifted red and black berries dance around the palate of this spicy Heathcote Shiraz. It is a true classic and absolutely adorable on winter nights spent over barbecues.

Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Sauvignon Blanc: Marked with notes of melons and passion fruit, this wine is a perfect cool climate SB.

Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Prosecco: Laced with citrus fruits, this Prosecco is a perfect party starter.

Apart from these, few other interesting numbers from Brown Brothers include Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Cabernet Sauvignon, Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Prosecco Rosato Pink, Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Chardonnay and Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Tempranillo.

It’ll be great if you buy Brown Brothers wines online as that way you can come across some great deals and offers.


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