Brown Brothers Wines – Keeping the Legacy Alive


One of the leading wine companies of Australia, Brown Brothers Wines is a reputed family – owned wine business that has been a part of the wine industry for about 125 years, manufacturing and selling graceful and elegant wines made with care and perfection. Brown Brothers is proud of its family heritage, and their name is associated with crafting some of the most sophisticated wines across the globe.

Their history dates back to the late – 1880s when founder John Francis Brown planted his very first grapevines in the fields of Milawa located at the base of the Victorian Alps. From these small and humble beginnings, Brown Brothers has managed to evolve into the winemaking tycoon that it is today, owing to hard work, dedication and expertise of everyone associated with the winery.

Over the years, the winery has taken possession of vineyards all over Western Australia to be able to grow vines in diverse climates, regions and soil types, allowing them to cultivate grapes of distinct varieties, characters and flavours. Their lush vineyards are situated all the way, from the cool – climate Whitlands in the upper parts of King Valley to the sun – bathed Mystic Park in the Murray Valley wine region.

A small – scale wine business by the name of The Kindergarten Winery was founded in the year 1989 with the aim of growing and nurturing experimental wine batches showing excellent potential. Under the leadership of John Charles Brown, the founder’s son, this small winery has played a major role in building up the Brown family reputation as celebrated wine – pioneers and innovators locally as well as internationally.

The family respects its traditions, but that does not mean its wines are also made traditionally. The winery employs state of the art technology and innovation, infusing traditional methods into the mix that results in the creation of magnificent and flavoured Brown Brothers wines. Although they had built their reputation as a winery producing affordable yet fruit – driven wines displaying consistency and finesse, the release of their flagship Patricia range in the year 2000 took their brand name to unimaginable heights.

Brown Brothers is an important member of the First Families of Wine in Australia. The third and fourth generations of the Brown family are constantly working to keep their rich heritage alive. Today, there are producing over 60 different styles of Australian white wines and red wines that are loved by wine – enthusiasts all over the world. Owing to their hard work, passion and dedication for the craft, Brown Brothers has achieved immense success and recognition as one of the best wine brands of Australia. Despite all the success, riches and fame, the Brown family insists that theirs is still a family – operated business, dedicated to hand – crafting each wine with perfection and love.




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