Conclusions from the Wine Producers and Consumers List

Here is a list of top wine producing and consuming countries of the world. This has been based on the research inputs from one of the top wine statistics reporting institute, the Wine Institute which is based in California. Here are some of the interesting conclusions which can be drawn from these statistics:

  1. France is the largest producer and is also one of the largest consumers of wine. It ranks second in terms of consumption of wine. Also, in terms of the per capita consumption, it is at number 5. All top 4 countries in per capita consumption are small countries with very less population base. Therefore, France is first major country in per capita consumption of wine.
  2. Australia is the sixth largest producer of wines whereas it is the ninth largest consumer. However, in terms of the per capita consumption of the wine, it is nowhere is the list of top 15 countries. This shows that owning to its demographics, a large number of people drink wine which increases the overall consumption but they are not heavy drinkers.
  3. Wine drinking dynamics play a significant role in increasing the per capital consumption of alcohol. It has nothing to do with the religious sentiments which are considered to work against consumption of alcohol. However, on the contrary, drawing from the tradition of consuming wine in groups while having luncheon together is an important reason for higher per capita consumption. This is precisely the case why Vatican City ranks topmost in wine consumption.
  4. Consumption of wine in China is growing. It is the 5th largest consumer already though it is the 8th largest producer of wine. Online retailing of wine is picking up and so is the interest of the Chinese in consumption of wines. China is already a top export market for Australian wines as well as for a number of European wine producers.
  5. Argentina and China are the only South American countries which are among the list of top 15 producers but Argentina is the only one in list of top consumers. Chile is not a big consumer but exports wines. Recent decline in their production has hit exports, opening way for other wine producing countries to explore markets abroad.

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