What is so special about Brown Brothers Cienna wine?


A unique wine in Brown Brothers list of wines, it is made from a new grape variety which is a cross between the Spanish grape Sumoll with Cabernet Sauvignon. This variety was grown in the Mystic Park vineyard owned by Brown Brothers in Murray valley region of Victoria. The crossing of two grape varietals was done by scientists at CSIRO.

The wine comes with just 7.5 percent of alcohol which makes it almost similar to a strong beer of 8 percent alcohol. Cienna has a vibrant ruby red colour but is light in colour. This makes it very good looking in first instance. Aromatically, it smells like fresh red berry fruit with a taste of spiciness. If you get to taste it, there is unmistakable sweetness and freshness of berries in palate to experience.

This is a young wine and has been bottled right after the fermentation process. It has not been oaked and is, therefore, one of those wines which need not be stored or aged before consumption. It goes well with different food items, especially the spicy ones like Indian curry.

Brown Brothers Cienna is available in 750 ml and also in 275 ml bottles.


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