Which Policies Shall be Read Before Shopping Wines Online?

Buying wines, or for that matter any other product, online is perhaps one of the most convenient and easiest way to buy a product or service. However, people are also apprehensive about many things and have various queries with respect to online shopping. When it comes to shopping for wines online, the apprehensive is even more because of the high changes of the product getting damaged during transit. Now, in order to ameliorate the fears and to be reassured about buying wines online, you can check for certain policies of the online wine store. These policies clearly spell out the different aspects of the e-commerce business of the wine e-store.

Privacy Policy

While conducting e-commerce, it is pertinent for the customers to provide certain private information, such as with respect to their credit or debit cards, banking accounts, etc. in order to make the purchases. It is also a feature of the e-commerce businesses to accumulate the customer data from their respective systems with respect to their browsing behaviour which can be used for giving better targeting and market segmentation. These are purely business intelligence activities and there is nothing wrong in doing it provided the e-store assures that this would not be used in any detrimental way. These assurances with respect to safety and security of data are reflected in the Privacy Policy document of the online shopping store. This is one of the mandatory policies of the e-commerce store.

Shipping or Delivery Policy

Where does the wines store ship its products and where does not- these are two important questions which are answered by the store in these policies. In some countries, there could be some regions which are declared as ‘dry’ and where it could be prohibited to sell the wines. These areas would find mention in the restricted or prohibited areas for delivery in this policy. At the same time, there could be some areas where the store would not be effecting the delivery on its own due to preference of having a limited network of delivery.

The policy is conjoined with the returns policy.

Returns Policy

This policy outlines the rights, duties and obligations of the parties in case of return of the product. This policy invariably contains the time period during which the returns must be effected, the conditions under which the returns would be acceptable or unacceptable and the procedure to be followed in this respect.

Policy for Lost or Damaged Products

This policy outlines what would the online store do in case there is a loss of the product or damage to the product during transit or after delivery. This policy also mentions what should customer do in case he or she received a damaged product.

Refunds Policy

The refunds policy mentions in what time period the refunds will be processed and the channels through which these would be granted to the customers. This also mentions other alternatives to getting refunds, such as, using the same for future transactions.

All of these policies are drafted under the ambit of the laws of the land and none of its provisions shall contravene these laws.

Check out this video for more tips on online shopping for wines in Australia


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