McGuigan Wines Create History


It was never done before. It is just another feather in the cap of McGuigan wines- one of the chief wine-makers of Australia. The winery has won the award for Best International winemaker of the year 2016 in the International Wine & Spirits Competition held in London in November this year. While winning this award is an achievement in itself, what makes a history is the fact Mcguigan wines is getting it for the 4th time. No other winery, in any part of the world, has won it so many times. McGuigans received this feat after beating the stiff competition from wineries of France, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain and Australia. Previously, it has won the award in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

The winery was also awarded for being ‘Australia’s Best Winemaker’. Coincidentally, McGuigan wines australia won this award also for the 4th time. Neil McGuigan, the Chief Wine Maker, was present on the occasion to receive the awards. He remembered the association of winery with the Hunter Valley Semillon wines and also spoke highly of good response which the new super-premium range of red wines are receiving from market.

These wins will further enhance the image of Australian wines internationally and will help in strengthening the brand in foreign lands. It will give impetus to the exports of wines from Australia. The spill over effect would be to increase the domestic sales as well.


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