Organic Wine Making in Australia

Australia is one country which devoted most land area to organic farming when compared with other countries of the world. With 172 million hectares of land area under being farmed organically comprising about 40 percent of the total world area under organic farming methods, it can be said that switching to organic methods is the first choice of agriculturists.

organic wines

As people become more knowledgeable about all things organic, viticulture is also going organic in a big way. Today, organic viticulture has been adopted in all major wine growing regions of the world, spanning Americas to Australia, through Europe. Australia has the third-fastest-growing organic sector. Organic wine-making here has expanded by 120 percent in the period of 2011 to 2014. By 2014, the organic wines of Australia were valued at $117 million. Currently, there are about 200 organic winemakers in Australia.

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While talking of organic wines, it is important to distinguish these from the bio-dynamic as well as the vegan wines.

Difference between Organic and Bio-dynamic wines

Organic wines made from certified organically grown grapes do not use synthetic pesticides or additives during grape growing and do not add any sulfates during wine-making but grapes may have them naturally. Biodynamic wines, like organic wines, also do not use synthetic chemicals but treats vineyard as an ecosystem and take into consideration nature’s rhythm such as lunar cycles and astrological influences. Also, bio-dynamic wines do not include yeast additions in the wine-making process.

How do one know whether the wine is organic or not?

There are certifying agencies in Australia which work to certify the organic farms where wine quality grapes are grown. By checking the label of these certifying agencies on these wine bottles, one can make out whether the wine is truly organic or not. Also, one can check online how the wine was made and what practices were employed.


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