Understanding the Biodynamic Wines

If you have heard the concept of biodynamic wines in the last few years, then you have heard it late by almost a century. Surprising as it might seem, the concept was first propounded in 1920s by Rudolph Steiner who was an Austrian philosopher. However, if we were to look even more remotely, we will understand that the farming practices of ancient times were in harmony not only with mother nature but also the universe.

It is clear that the celestial bodies have a bearing on our lives. There is a group of people who strongly believe in the unified structure of the Universe and the interconnections among its elements. When this relation in understood in the context of farming and all the practices of farming are adjusted to be in consonance with this universal energy system, it is referred to as Biodynamic farming.

In Australia, where wines are an important part of the national economy and is its identity in front of the world, there is an increased awareness of growing wine-grade grapes by adopting this newly understood practice of grape farming.

For bio-dynamic viticulture to take place, organic farming is a pre-requisite. After all, when wine-growers are taking all measures to ensure that grape farming is as per the overall biodynamics driven by nature in alignment with the forces of universe, it has to be done organically in order to derive the maximum advantages of such cropping.

In practice, there is a preparation of list of activities to be performed in the farm and this is then matched with the best possible times according to celestial phenomenon, such as lunar or solar cycles. In a way, bio-dynamically grown wines are a further refinement over the organic wines. These are believed to be infused with cosmic energy which is healthier than even the organic wines.

bio-dynamic wines pyramid

A number of wines are proudly marking themselves as bio-dynamic. In fact, there have been some global rating agencies which certify that a particular wine has been grown in accordance with the principles of bio-dynamism.


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