Riesling Wine Growing Regions of Australia


Riesling is a white wine grape which has its birthplace in Rhine wine region of Germany. This grape is used in making of semi-sweet, sweet and sparkling white wines all over the world. The grape is grown in suitable climatic conditions globally. In Australia, this is grown in the following regions:

Clare Valley: This wine region of Australia accounts for the highest vineyard area under Riesling grapes. This region is situated in the state of South Australia, north of Adelaide capital city. In fact, this region is known for Riesling wines essentially. The Horrocks Highway passes through this region. It is a part of the Mount Lofty Ranges Zone. Out of the total planted area of this region, Riesling was the second important wine grape planted as it occupied 21.8% of area.

Eden Valley: The Eden valley wine region is also situated in South Australia and to the north-east of Adelaide. It is bordered on west by Barossa Valley wine region and on east by Adelaide Hills wine region. Riesling wine grape is the second important variety to be planted here.

Riverland: Riverland region is the third important Riesling growing region having about 12 percent of the total Riesling growing area in Australia. This region is in South Australia. It begins from where the Murray river enters South Australia after flowing on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. The region is one of the largest wine growing regions of Australia.

Riverina: Riverina region is located in New South Wales to the east of Australian Capital Territory. The region is centred around the town of Griffith. It is a part of the Big Rivers wine region and depends heavily on the Murrumbidgee river irrigation scheme for growing vines. The wine growing area of this region is smaller than the Riverina area itself.

Murray-Darling: Murray Darling basin is another region where Riesling wine grapes are grown but is not as well known for it, as it is for Chardonnay white wines.


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