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The Wow Wine – Viognier

Love full-bodied whites? Who doesn’t! Especially as the summer breeze begins to blow and you feel like sipping something on warm evenings. When one thinks of a rich full-bodied white, Chardonnay is the most common wine that comes to one’s mind. However, for people who are tired of drinking Chardy’s, Viognier can be an interesting alternative. For those of you who know less about this delicious wine varietal, we have some interesting information to share.

Viognier originated from the South of France and gradually began to be grown in many other countries like Australia, Chile, Argentina, Italy, South Africa and the USA. Viognier wines are mostly brimming with interestingly peachy aromas along with some tangerine, mango, and honeysuckle. This makes it a good option for people who like floral aromas in their wines. For those who don’t, should look out for oak aged Viogniers as they have vanilla and spiced fragrances.

Depending on the region it is hailing from and the winemaker who makes it, a Viognier can range from being light and spritzy to being bold and creamy. Also, this grape is so versatile that the wine can be made in both dry and fruity styles. The taste of the wine will vary in both. The off-dry or dry Viognier can taste slightly bitter than the fruitier styles.

Now, that you’ve decided to try this wine varietal, you’ll be wondering what to pair it with. That is not so difficult once you’ve picked your bottle.

It’ll be interesting to know that this wine pairs with many food varieties depending on whether it is light bodied, medium or full-bodied. Some safe options to try include poached Salmon, roasted chicken, lobster, crab, roasted turkey etc.

Some of the best Viognier wines in Australia hail from Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, and Adelaide Hills. You can easily find a bottle between $15 to $25.


Viognier Grapes- Origin, Climate, and Regions

Viognier is white grape variety. Origin of Viognier is unclear but researchers point it to Dalmatia (now Croatia) and that Romans brought with them to the Rhône.


A warmer climate with the long growing season is most suitable for the grapes but these can also be grown in cooler areas. Grapes of this variety requires long, warm season to ripen fully. Grapes should not be exposed to a hot climate for a long time otherwise, wine’s aromatic notes would be suppressed and it would turn out to contain high levels of sugar.

The picking of the fruit should be neither too early nor too late. If picked early, its taste and aromas would not properly develop and if delayed wine would turn out to be oily and lacking adequate aromas.

One drawback of planting Viognier is its yield is low which makes it a little costlier affair.

Viognier is grown in regions of New Zealand, North and South America, Cape Winelands in South Africa and Australia.

Viognier and Chardonnay

Viognier like Chardonnay can produce wines high in alcohol and not overly tannic. Unlike Chardonnay, it contains notes of pears and peach.


In Australia, Yalumba winery used the grape to produce varietal white wines and creating shiraz blends.

In most cases the viognier wines are developed to be consumed young but those coming from old vines or the late-harvest wines can age well especially those from Australia and California.

Food Pairing

These wines do pair well with spicy Thai cuisine.