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McGuigan Wines Black Label Series

In 1880, Owen McGuigan, the forefather of McGuigan wines found his new home in the Hunter Valley wine region. He started to craft traditional wines from his small vineyard to append his family’s income. Owen ignited a great heritage of premium quality wines by imparting hard work and dedication to the craft. The family’s legacy was passed on to Perc, Owen’s son who was awarded as the “Living Legend of the Hunter Valley”. His managerial and winemaking skills were the key to his success in the wine industry.


McGuigan Black Label Cabernet SauvignonPerc’s son, Brian continued the family’s tradition by first managing a highly celebrated Hunter Valley Winery and then by setting up a major winery with the help of his wife and his younger brother. Behind Brian’s great mind, McGuigan Wines captured the heart of the crowd by creating great tasting and interesting styles of wines.


McGuigan Wines expanded its facilities to another highly acclaimed wine region in Barossa Valley to discover new flavours that their patrons would surely enjoy. Its partnership with Simeon Wines in 2002 proved to be an advantageous move as McGuigan Wines climbed up to the fourth spot as one of Australia’s largest winemaking facilities. Through the years, McGuigan wines continued to receive a number of awards from prestigious wine shows locally and internationally. In fact, McGuigan Wines is the only winery in the world to receive the International Winemaker of the Year award at least thrice.


Black Label is one of the best selling lines under McGuigan Wines, highly revered for its deluxe taste and quality. Among the award-winning line-up of wines, McGuigan Black Label Red is the best selling variety in Australia in terms of volume. This variety is known for its exciting blend of fruit flavours, and smooth and lingering finish.


Black Label Sparkling Shiraz is highlighted by dark berries and refreshing finish while Black Label Sparkling Chardonnay features a delightful mix of juicy peach, vanillin and spices capping to a nice and crisp finish.


McGuigan Black Label white varieties, Pinot Grigio, Traminer Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdelho, Moscato and Chardonnay feature sweet tropical fruits and highlights of citrus zest and mild spices leading to a nice and crisp finish.


McGuigan Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Label Merlot are two red varieties that feature rich and dark flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon is highlighted by cherries and blackberries, while Cabernet Merlot provides an exciting fusion of the powerful Cabernet with the soft and velvety Merlot.


McGuigan Wines continues to create premium quality wines as a commitment to a rich heritage lasting more than a century and several generations. More than being an award-winning and world-renowned winery, McGuigan Wines is an epitome for quality and passion for wines.


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