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Online Wine Stores In Australia Never Have It Easy

Online businesses in Australia have a number of advantages as compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. These advantages are common knowledge and well-known. The wine retailing business in Australia through the web medium also has a number of challenges which are far less known. Many customers do not know what all has gone in to ensure that they can buy wines with ease and get these delivered to their place.

Limits on Online Marketing

If you have read about the wines online, you would have certainly read that wines are good for health if these are drunk in moderate quantities. So much so good. However, the Australian law does not want you to make these claims online. On the contrary, it restricts even your marketing efforts. It has stringent laws related to privacy of individuals and protection from spamming in place. Here are some of the restrictions which it imposes:

  1. No Display Ads through search engines. Online wine shops can engage in Shopping Ads and search ads on Search Engines, but not the Display ads through search engines.
  2. No Remarketing on Google and Facebook. The law also prohibits remarketing of wine ads on popular search engines, including Google and the social media major Facebook.
  3. No Emails without express consent of recipients. Online wine retailers also find it difficult to develop and expand their mailing lists. This is so because the law provides for very strong privacy and spam protection. Customers can be acquired through various online channels but emailers have to be sent through consent. Online wine businesses are also required to maintain a record that the consent was recipient was obtained before sending even the first introductory mail. Further, ‘express’ consent requires that there are no-filled check boxes agreeing to receiving the newsletter.
  4. Emailers have not to be sent to those who have unsubscribed from the mailing list. Even a single complaint could put the wine company in jeopardy and liable to be fined heavily. Thus, there is a need to keep pruning the emailer list to remove those IDs which have unsubscribed.
  5. Cost of acquiring new customers is generally very high since the company has to go looking for more customers through affiliate channels where commissions have to be paid.

Licensing Requirements

There are quite a few requirements of regulatory nature which must be met before selling wines online. Thin includes registering your unit and taking the licenses.

Deciding on various models of operation

Another key consideration is with respect to which model of operation is to be used for this purpose. These models can be various, such as operating as an independent ecommerce company or as a marketplace. It can even be based on how inventories of wines are being managed, such as stocking the wines in-house, letting suppliers keep the wine and shipping it on generating the order, or it can even be first receiving the wine in-house and then packing the wine before shipping.

Developing Team of Professionals

One of the most difficult tasks is to have a team of really expert professionals in online design, web technologies, content, online marketing and what not!!

Since the aim is to beat the competition and rise above the rest, there is a need for highly skilled and trained professionals to man the operations.

With these requirements and limitations, it can now be clear that the online wine sales business in Australia is not as easy as some might be inclined to think.


Online Wine Buying Behaviour- Case Study of Just Wines Australian Store


Internet is littered with hundreds of content pieces (articles and blogs) on offering tips and tricks to buy wines online. However, are these really practical tips? The answer is surely NO. Why? The reason is simple. These have not been written after reading the mind of the wine buyer. You might gain all the information you need through these content pieces, but these are not arranged in the best of sequences.

The first thing which a wine buyer would do is obviously to have either some wine varietal or the wine brand in mind. If he is specific about the wine he wants to have, he would love to get to it as fast as he could on the online wine store.

To that end, it is the navigation and the search functionality of the online wine shop which assumes paramount importance. This is the first thing which the user will hit- accessing the information he wants to see. Both of these are present on web pages, hence user can access these from any webpage he is on.

Navigation Bar

The main navigation shall make it easier for the user to reach the desired wine or brand or wine varietal. Similarly, the search bar provides the most convenient way to dig out information from even the deep pages of the site, which might take a couple of iterations if the navigation route is taken.



Search bars are configurable and, therefore, the best one would be that which offers great searching experience. Accuracy of relevant results with least possible timeframe would make for great search functionality.

Thereafter, the person uses a number of filters generally present to get through to the wine of choice.


Once on the wine, there is obviously a chance that the person would want to compare it with some of the other options he has on mind. Therefore, the comparison is done using the comparing function. Prices of the wines are checked and so are the tasting notes.

Product Detail-5


product comparison-6

Once the choice is confirmed, the person is 80 percent likely to make the purchase. He is, thereafter, most likely to check for whether delivery is possible to his place or not and what are the delivery charges involved in it. Reputable online wine companies do not play hide and seek with delivery charges and tell these to the visitors upfront.


Also, visitors would want to know after safety of shipment and what would be done by company if wine gets damaged in during shipment.

Most of the visitors will, from here, go to the payment methods accepted by the online wine retailer and see which of these can be used for making the payment.

payment methods-8

If the visitor is coming to the web store for the first time and making a purchase, he would be circumspect about many things. These could relate to reputation of the company, visibility of the company, returns policies, refunds policies and even the assurance of privacy of data. An online wine store has to provide very credible and visible information to the visitors regarding all these matters. These are confidence building measures which provide the last minute impetus to users to make the purchase, otherwise the user would be very hesitant to buy.

Wine Shopping Online

Online Shopping of Wines- What All to Look Into?

A few common questions that come to mind while buying wines are –

  • Which winery to buy from?
  • What does it taste like?
  • Does it come in my budget?
  • Do I want to buy a single bottle or pack?
  • What deal am I getting?
Wine Shopping Online

Wine Shopping Online

Don’t worry if you also have the same questions. What is needed from your side is a little patience because today there are plenty of e-commerce websites selling wine products. With a little google search, we can get the list of popular wine stores from where the user can choose favorite wines. While on the website or wines portal, one should look into the details to grab the best bargain.

Tasting Notes

You can find tasting notes which tell the look and taste of wine. It also tells the best combination of items with which to drink it.

Cellaring potential

Some wine lovers collect wines for a number of years, allowing these to age. If you are one of these wine lovers, then you need information on the cellaring potential of the wine. This information is also made available by good wine portals.

Easy Searching by Wine Category

Some sites allow searching wines according to different wine classifications, such as

  • Red or white
  • Sparkling or fortified
  • By grape variety such as Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris or others
  • By wine regions like Margaret River, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley etc.

Ratings and awards

Wine Rating and Stars

Ratings and reviews of wines are other information resources which can be read in order to determine whether the wine would suit you or not. This is especially true with every new wine that you would be tasting. Some of these ratings or rewards which wines in Australia have are James Halliday ratings, Medals, Points etc. The wines which are rated high by acclaimed experts naturally find favor with more wine lovers.


Once online to buy wines, never miss to look into the deals sections. One can look for deals when buying in festive seasons or daily, weekly and monthly deals on the website. By using coupon code one can get discounts on the buy. One can also look for reviews by other users which give a clearer picture of the general liking of the wine.

Join Wine Clubs, Subscribe Newsletters

Some online wine shops have wine clubs and by becoming its member one can get discounts on various products. Some websites also have newsletters which inform users on the latest deals.

User can choose from multiple payment options such as PayPal, debit-card, credit-card, cash on delivery and can often enjoy cash back offers through particular mode of payment. One can also get the order earlier than the shipping date by paying little extra. This makes the entire experience of buying wines simple and cost-effective and enjoyable.


Which Policies Shall be Read Before Shopping Wines Online?

Buying wines, or for that matter any other product, online is perhaps one of the most convenient and easiest way to buy a product or service. However, people are also apprehensive about many things and have various queries with respect to online shopping. When it comes to shopping for wines online, the apprehensive is even more because of the high changes of the product getting damaged during transit. Now, in order to ameliorate the fears and to be reassured about buying wines online, you can check for certain policies of the online wine store. These policies clearly spell out the different aspects of the e-commerce business of the wine e-store.

Privacy Policy

While conducting e-commerce, it is pertinent for the customers to provide certain private information, such as with respect to their credit or debit cards, banking accounts, etc. in order to make the purchases. It is also a feature of the e-commerce businesses to accumulate the customer data from their respective systems with respect to their browsing behaviour which can be used for giving better targeting and market segmentation. These are purely business intelligence activities and there is nothing wrong in doing it provided the e-store assures that this would not be used in any detrimental way. These assurances with respect to safety and security of data are reflected in the Privacy Policy document of the online shopping store. This is one of the mandatory policies of the e-commerce store.

Shipping or Delivery Policy

Where does the wines store ship its products and where does not- these are two important questions which are answered by the store in these policies. In some countries, there could be some regions which are declared as ‘dry’ and where it could be prohibited to sell the wines. These areas would find mention in the restricted or prohibited areas for delivery in this policy. At the same time, there could be some areas where the store would not be effecting the delivery on its own due to preference of having a limited network of delivery.

The policy is conjoined with the returns policy.

Returns Policy

This policy outlines the rights, duties and obligations of the parties in case of return of the product. This policy invariably contains the time period during which the returns must be effected, the conditions under which the returns would be acceptable or unacceptable and the procedure to be followed in this respect.

Policy for Lost or Damaged Products

This policy outlines what would the online store do in case there is a loss of the product or damage to the product during transit or after delivery. This policy also mentions what should customer do in case he or she received a damaged product.

Refunds Policy

The refunds policy mentions in what time period the refunds will be processed and the channels through which these would be granted to the customers. This also mentions other alternatives to getting refunds, such as, using the same for future transactions.

All of these policies are drafted under the ambit of the laws of the land and none of its provisions shall contravene these laws.

Check out this video for more tips on online shopping for wines in Australia

Buy Wine Online- Help Many Small Businesses

When you buy any product online, you are deriving multiple benefits and

also helping in development of economy. This is also the case when wines

are bought on the net, either by using the computers or the smartphones.

Most often, a case is made that the interests of retailers are hit hard by the

online sellers. This thought needs to be challenged.

At first, let us be clear that by buying wine online, you are not hitting at the

interests of the shop owners or retailers or, for that matter, any other

person in the distribution channel. You are simply helping them. How? With

a country-wide selling scope, the online retailers are able to generate much

larger volume of sales for the retailers. And, retailers often enter into

partnerships with these online companies for moving their stocks faster. So,

even if they have invested in the real-estate and are paying overheads, they

are generate more sale which helps in overcoming the drawback of

customers not visiting their stores.

Another benefit of listing with the online companies which traditional

retailers can bank upon is more popularity of their brand. There are more

than 2000 wineries in Australia many of which would not be known to the

public in general. These online platforms provide them a real opportunity for

garnering more visibility and sale of products as people tend to buy wine online.

Let us look at the other end of spectrum now. How do online wine selling

companies help in national economy? By providing the marketplace to

traditional wine retailers as well as wineries, big or small, they set up a

robust product sourcing and delivery channel system. Since channel

development is a labour-intensive process, it generates more employment

on a nation-wide scale.

The packaging industry also gets a tremendous boost. Devising innovative

ways of packaging for different products is yet another benefit for the

national economy.

Warehousing is another business segment which can expect good business

from the online wine sellers. There could be certain products which might

the online wine stores might need to store. This gives a fillip to this industry

as well.