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Tips for a wine date

Why do people drink wine on dates? This might be because wine symbolizes love and make the day seem more romantic. However, while on date one should be careful not to spoil it. Here are few tips to keep in mind while on the romantic date –

  • Don’t order wine by your own but ask your date what would he/she like to have.
  • Order food that pairs well with wine. You can ask for help from wine waiter on which food will compliment best with your wine
  • Do not overdo on your drinks. Drink slowly. The main purpose should be to enjoy the evening.
  • Do not overthink. Keep the conversation light and easy for both while enjoying the wine.  Let the conversation built up. And Remember –
  • Wine-Quote-Theres-a-built-in-romance-to-wine




Wine Quote – Igniting the passion

Wine Quote Igniting-the-passions


Wine has been used by writers to put their creative juices to action for centuries.  So, how does wine help in enhancing the creativity?

Wine lets your mind wander and help in finding the alternative solutions. It can help in searching for the solution that might have been locked or hidden in the deeper recesses of the mind.

So, the next time you are stuck on a problem, relax and take a sip of wine and let the wine work its magic!



Wine Quote – Wine, a grand thing

Wine Quote - Wine-is-a-grand-thing

The next time you are on a guilt trip or not in a good mood, instead of going around in circles, try doing something different. A bottle of wine hidden in the closet might come to the rescue.

Why not pour out a glass of wine or or even better with a close one of yours. Share your feelings over a glass of wine!

Caution: Do not overdo on those glasses as it might ruin the next morning…