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Penfolds Grange- The History Behind

penfolds grange winesIf there is a wine which is probably one the most important collectible of Australian wine lovers, then it is the Penfolds Grange wine. This wine was created by Max Schubert who joined Penfolds when he was a young boy of 15. It was the ultimate desire of this boy to create a wine so unique that it best characterises the essence of Australian shiraz wine. He envisioned that the wine could be cellared for decades and every passing year will make this wine even more desirable among its lover. The result of this burning desire was the creation of Penfolds Grange. First brought out in 1951, the wine made the big stride in the very first year of its creation itself. However, it can be said that it was in the year 1955 that the wine reached its peak of popularity.

Penfolds Grange is a wine made essentially of the Shiraz grapes with a little percentage of cabernet sauvignon grapes also going into it. Max took care to use only the best quality fruit for creating this wine. He sourced this from famous wine regions of Coonawarra and Barossa Valley. The year 1955 was special because it received average rainfall but was also warm due to moderate heat. This made the grapes reach just the right level of ripeness which could create an iconic wine that is Grange.

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Get recharged with Reschke Bull Trader Shiraz

Reschke Bull trader shiraz

About the wine

This wine is well textured and vibrant. Filled with delicious flavours of blackberries and fruits. Makes good pairing with grilled eggplant and casseroles.

About the winery

The Reschke has a long history dating back to 1906. Hereford stud was established in the heart of Coonawarra during that time. It is also the source of inspiration for the bull logo on the labels of Reschke wines. The logo stands for ‘quality with no compromise’ which the winery deeply believes in.

Burke Reschke belongs to the fourth generation of Reschke family. In 1989, he undertook the initiative of growing grapes for other wineries present in the region. There was high demand of the grapes being grown at the Reschke estate and were used to produce some of the iconic wines. Empyrean was the first wine produced under the Reschke brand in 1998.

In Coonawarra, Reschke has vineyards spreading over 400 acres, most of which is Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tailored to delight – Taylors Estate Riesling 2017

Taylors Estate Riesling

About Taylor Estate Range

Taylor wines drew inspiration from wine estates of Bordeaux region especially Chateaux Mouton Rothschild. The idea behind was to keep the winery and the vineyard at the same location. However, some of the fruit is sourced from outside especially Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines to keep up the quality for which the Taylor wines are known for.

The first vintage of this range was a huge success sweeping awards at all the major wine shows. This range includes the red, the whites, sparkling and rose wines.  With the key idea to delight, these wines are intensive in flavour. One can enjoy these wines with or without food

About the Winery

Part of the exquisite club of First Families of Australian Wine, the winery is popular in Australia. Here are few achievements and milestones of the winery over last two decades-

  • Taylors Wines was the first wine company in Australia to bottle all its wines under Screw cap in 2004
  • Adams Eggins was the ‘chief winemaker of the year’ by the Winestate Magazine.
  • Taylors Wines became one of the ‘Top 5 wineries in the world’ by World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists for four consecutive years starting from 2013.


Wyndham estate bin 555 shiraz

Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz is a highly awarded wine from Wyndham Estate. This wine pairs well with steak which compliments the rich berry flavours present in it.

About the Winery

This winery is present in Hunter region. The founder of this winery was George Wyndham. In 1827, he came to Australia along with his family and planted a vineyard in Hunter Valley. The winery performed well at 1982 International Wine and Spirit Competition winning few no of golds and silver medals.

The company is currently under the ownership of Premium Wine Brands.


Wine of a different league – Yellow Tail Shiraz

Yellow Tail Shiraz

With the core belief of making an uncomplicated wine, Yellow Tail Shiraz is a perfect example of fun and easy drinking wine. This wine is filled with aromas of ripe berries with fruity palate consisting of earthy undertones. This wine captivates the drinker with its unique appeal. Complements well with hard cheese and grilled lamb.

About the Winery
Yellow tail wine  brand is owned by Casella wines. Production of Yellow Tail wines began in 2000. It is immensely popular wine brand of Australia with wine exports to 50 countries across the globe.  The winery is capable of storing an astounding 300 million liters of wine on site.


Architects of the modern d’Arenberg Wines Group

d'arenberg wines


In 1912, Joseph Osborn bought the property for the winery in McLaren Vale by selling a stable of prize-winning horses which he owned. Joseph’s son Frank joined and together they went on acquiring few vineyards. After Joseph’s death in 1921, the business moved into the hands of son Frank was also known as d’Arry. Six years later, the winery was built.

During the World War II, demand for wines plummeted and the winery profits fell. At the same time, Frank became ill which forced d’Arry, aged 16, to leave school to help his father run the business.  After Franks death, d’Arry become the new owner of the winery in 1957.

In 1984, d’Arry son Chester joined the business after a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Oenology. He took over the role of Chief Winemaker. He also introduced new varieties to the region such as Viognier, Roussanne, Tempranillo.

Environment & Sustainability

The winery reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by employing a solar generator.

No water used during winemaking is wasted and is completely recycled in the winery.

The winery is associated with Australian Packaging Covenant for reduction of packaging material used.

Biodynamic substitutes are used which are approved by biodynamics Australia

All vineyards are NASAA Certified and the winery follows organic and biodynamic practices.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years the winery has accumulated plenty of awards and earned recognition. Few of these are listed below –

In 1998, the winery won the Winemaker of the year award given by Winestate Magazine.

Next year, it was awarded Winemaker of the Year by the Winestate Magazine.

One of its wine ‘The Dead Arm Shiraz’ was included in the Excellent Category of ‘Langton’s Top 101 Australia Wines’.

The winery was voted the ‘Top 10 Best Producer of Australia Shiraz’ by US Wine and Spirits Magazine.

It was awarded ‘Winery of the Year’ by Wine and Spirits Magazine in 2010.

The winery was included in ‘Top 100 Wineries of the Year’ by Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2014.

Wine Range

  • Socialites
  • Stump Jumps
  • Originals
  • Outsiders
  • High Altitude Hilbillies
  • Artisans
  • Icons
  • Amazing Sites
  • Nobels
  • Ancients

Zilzie Wines-Going Places in a Decade


The winery was established in 1999 and is located in Murray Darling. The property where the winery is housed is 100 years old. However, the first vintage of the winery was released in year 2000. The year 2004 saw coming up of the popular Selection 23 range and four years later, the Bulloak range was released.

At present, the winery has Hayden Donohue as winemaker who has large experience of having worked with some of the big wine brands of Australia.

During past 10 years the winery has developed well as it has increased its capacity three folds. Moreover, the winery has included 3 more new grape varieties to its range of wines – Moscato, Pinot Grigio and Rose.


The vineyards are spread across 1200 acres extending in major wine regions like Barossa, Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra and Wrattonbully.  The winery crushes 35,000 tonnes of grapes annually. The grape varieties grown are – Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot among others.

On the environment management front, the winery has a policy to minimize water wastage and maximize water conservation. The winery is ISO14001 certified and is a proud member of Entwine Australia – national environment assurance program of the Australian wine industry.

Zilzie Wine Range

  • Regional Collection
  • Zilzie Estate
  • Selection 23
  • Bulloak


Zilzie wines has won 27 trophies across numerous wine competitions in a period of 10 years since its inception and is also awarded 4.5 stars by James Halliday Wine Companion in 2009. The wines have won many Gold Medals at China Wine & Spirit Best Value Awards, Cowra Wine Show and San Francisco International Wine Show.