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Wine of a different league – Yellow Tail Shiraz

Yellow Tail Shiraz

With the core belief of making an uncomplicated wine, Yellow Tail Shiraz is a perfect example of fun and easy drinking wine. This wine is filled with aromas of ripe berries with fruity palate consisting of earthy undertones. This wine captivates the drinker with its unique appeal. Complements well with hard cheese and grilled lamb.

About the Winery
Yellow tail wine  brand is owned by Casella wines. Production of Yellow Tail wines began in 2000. It is immensely popular wine brand of Australia with wine exports to 50 countries across the globe.  The winery is capable of storing an astounding 300 million liters of wine on site.



Yellow Tail Sangria NV South Eastern Australia

Yellow Tail Sangria is a premium red wine from South Eastern Australia. It contains the flavours of lemon, lime and orange, to end in a fresh and enticing finale.

Available online for $8.50 per bottle price, you can get pack of 12 bottle for $102.00

If you have tasted this wine before, feel free to comment below.

Yellow Tail Wines Varietals from Casella Winery

Casella Family Brands is one of the most reputed family owned wine making group of Australia. Its flagship Yellow Tail wines brand has three different variants. The wines of each of these is given below. Casella wineries produce a range of different wines in Australia and vast majority of these are exported to 50 countries around the world.

Under the [yellow tail] brand:

White Rose Red
Moscato Pink Moscato Pinot Noir
Reisling Rose Merlot
Sauvignon Blanc   Shiraz Grenache
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc   Shiraz
Pinot Grigio   Shiraz Cabernet
Unoaked Chardonnay   Cabernet Merlot
Chardonnay   Cabernet Sauvignon
Sweet White Roo   Malbec
    Big Bold Red
    Sweet Red Roo

Under the Bubbles brand:

White Rose
Bubbles Pink Bubbles
Moscato Bubbles Red Moscato Bubbles

Under the Reserve brand:

White Red
Reserve Pinot Grigio Reserve Merlot
Reserve Chardonnay Reserve Shiraz
  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon