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Penfolds Grange- The History Behind

penfolds grange winesIf there is a wine which is probably one the most important collectible of Australian wine lovers, then it is the Penfolds Grange wine. This wine was created by Max Schubert who joined Penfolds when he was a young boy of 15. It was the ultimate desire of this boy to create a wine so unique that it best characterises the essence of Australian shiraz wine. He envisioned that the wine could be cellared for decades and every passing year will make this wine even more desirable among its lover. The result of this burning desire was the creation of Penfolds Grange. First brought out in 1951, the wine made the big stride in the very first year of its creation itself. However, it can be said that it was in the year 1955 that the wine reached its peak of popularity.

Penfolds Grange is a wine made essentially of the Shiraz grapes with a little percentage of cabernet sauvignon grapes also going into it. Max took care to use only the best quality fruit for creating this wine. He sourced this from famous wine regions of Coonawarra and Barossa Valley. The year 1955 was special because it received average rainfall but was also warm due to moderate heat. This made the grapes reach just the right level of ripeness which could create an iconic wine that is Grange.

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Penfolds Koonunga Hills Chardonnay

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay blogpost.jpg

The Penfolds Koonunga Hills Shiraz Cabernet is a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon with Shiraz varieties. If you have tasted the wine please leave your review here for the benefit of other winelovers. This can be bought and cellared for a period of about 2 years which makes it worth collecting for a short terms period.

Penfolds Koonunga Hills is a popular wine range of Penfolds label which is one of the topmost wineries of Australia.