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Yarran Wines – Winery of Yenda Region


Nestled in a small corner of New South Wales is Yarran Wines, a small family owned, operated and managed wine estate. This small but modern estate comprises of a stylish cellar door, a state of the art winery and lush vineyards, all of which are located just a short drive away from Yenda, a part of Riverina wine region. Yenda has been a part of Australia’s winemaking heritage since the early 19th century, thus gaining much appreciation and acclaim for producing outstanding quality wines portraying bold characters and flavours.

This property was founded by the late John Brewer and his wife Lorraine in 1998 after practicing grape growing in the Yenda region for over 30 years. Sam Brewer, their son, developed an interest in wine at a young age and took up Oenology at Charles Sturt University to enhance his knowledge regarding the craft and join the family business in the future. Currently, Lorraine takes care of the winery administration whereas co-owner Jim Maier is responsible for managing production of healthy and juicy fruit. Sam, after completing his studies and gaining experience from various winegrowing regions like Yarra Valley and King Valley of Australia, Samona Valley of USA, and China, joined the family business in the role of winemaker.

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The company operates with a simple mindset – to craft elegant and innovative wines that show expressive fruit flavours and characteristics. Every vintage is carefully selected and processed, in order to ensure delivery of the highest quality of products to consumers. The team at Yarran Wines works hard with passion, dedication and zeal to create wines that display the true regional as well as varietal characters of the fruit used. Their perseverance and commitment has led the winery to receive numerous awards and accolades at wine shows and competitions across the globe. Yarran Wines is proud of the legacy it will leave behind for its future generations.

The stellar cellar door compound housed inside the property is a must-visit when one is in the Riverina region. It provides elevated views of the Cocoparra Ranges as well as the surrounding vineyard. Beautiful and blossoming grapevines can be seen growing in the backdrop, filled with luscious, vibrant and juicy fruit. Yarran Wine Cellar Door is open to the public for wine tastings 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday), from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. The cellar door kindly offers complementary tastings of all wines, including reds, whites, sparklings and fortified wines. It also offers a host of amazing facilities like – barbecues, outdoor balcony seating, tea and coffee, amenities, and car parking with an access ramp to the cellar door. Besides the cellar door, it operates a wine e-store Australia   to enable people to buy wine online as well.