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Online Wine Buying Behaviour- Case Study of Just Wines Australian Store


Internet is littered with hundreds of content pieces (articles and blogs) on offering tips and tricks to buy wines online. However, are these really practical tips? The answer is surely NO. Why? The reason is simple. These have not been written after reading the mind of the wine buyer. You might gain all the information you need through these content pieces, but these are not arranged in the best of sequences.

The first thing which a wine buyer would do is obviously to have either some wine varietal or the wine brand in mind. If he is specific about the wine he wants to have, he would love to get to it as fast as he could on the online wine store.

To that end, it is the navigation and the search functionality of the online wine shop which assumes paramount importance. This is the first thing which the user will hit- accessing the information he wants to see. Both of these are present on web pages, hence user can access these from any webpage he is on.

Navigation Bar

The main navigation shall make it easier for the user to reach the desired wine or brand or wine varietal. Similarly, the search bar provides the most convenient way to dig out information from even the deep pages of the site, which might take a couple of iterations if the navigation route is taken.



Search bars are configurable and, therefore, the best one would be that which offers great searching experience. Accuracy of relevant results with least possible timeframe would make for great search functionality.

Thereafter, the person uses a number of filters generally present to get through to the wine of choice.


Once on the wine, there is obviously a chance that the person would want to compare it with some of the other options he has on mind. Therefore, the comparison is done using the comparing function. Prices of the wines are checked and so are the tasting notes.

Product Detail-5


product comparison-6

Once the choice is confirmed, the person is 80 percent likely to make the purchase. He is, thereafter, most likely to check for whether delivery is possible to his place or not and what are the delivery charges involved in it. Reputable online wine companies do not play hide and seek with delivery charges and tell these to the visitors upfront.


Also, visitors would want to know after safety of shipment and what would be done by company if wine gets damaged in during shipment.

Most of the visitors will, from here, go to the payment methods accepted by the online wine retailer and see which of these can be used for making the payment.

payment methods-8

If the visitor is coming to the web store for the first time and making a purchase, he would be circumspect about many things. These could relate to reputation of the company, visibility of the company, returns policies, refunds policies and even the assurance of privacy of data. An online wine store has to provide very credible and visible information to the visitors regarding all these matters. These are confidence building measures which provide the last minute impetus to users to make the purchase, otherwise the user would be very hesitant to buy.