Riesling Wines- Are these losing popularity in Australia?

riesling wine growing regions

Among the popular white wine varieties is Riesling. This is a white wine grape which is a native of Germany. The first wines from this grape were made in Germany and over a period of time, this spread to other regions of the world. Riesling wine grapes are now grown in all wine producing countries of the world. Germany and Alsace region of France account for the most of this share, growing as much as 42 percent of these grapes among themselves.

Riesling wines are generally more expensive than other varietals. You might not believe the fact that, in Germany, it is the smell of petrol which is used to adjudge which is a better Riesling than the other. The stronger the aroma, the better is the Riesling.  The most expensive of these wines are the ones which have been harvested late. The fruit is allowed to hang on to the vine well beyond its picking time to let the water evaporate naturally. This wine has high levels of acidity and pairs well with diverse range of food items. Another key factor that makes these wines expensive is the fact that these have very good cellaring potential. Natural high acidity and the added sugars help these wines to age well and become better year after year. It is also to be noted that most of Riesling wine consumption is when it is young.

In Australia, this is grown in regions having some characteristics of limestone topography, such as Clare (22 percent) and Eden valleys. For this reason, riesling wines develop a distinctive lime note. The wine is exported to a number of countries, with the USA being the single most important importer of this wine (accounting for 40 percent of its exports).

In Australia, this land area under this wine grape has been on decline since the last few years. It was at its lowest in 2015 since 2001. This declining trend has been attributed to decline in demand. However, whether Australia will cease to be a land of Riesling in future is something which is worrying the wine experts.

Riesline Wines Brands Available in Australia

Australia has the second largest land area under Riesling wine grape varietals in the world. This is second only to Germany, the place of origin of these grape vineyards. Riesling wine production done in Australia contributes about 10 percent of this production in the world whereas Germany accounts for more than 60 percent.

Here is a list of popular Riesling wine brands available in Australia:

1 Cherry Tree Hill
2 Grosset
3 Howard Park
4 Crabtree
5 Kilikanoon Morts
6 Neudorf Moutere
7 Mount Horrocks
8 Craggy Te Muna
9 Lamont
10 Wilson
11 Moores Hill
12 Geoff Weaver
13 Frogmore Creek
14 Tim Adams
15 Delatite Late Harvest Estate
16 Larry Cherubino
17 Mishas
18 Hans Herzog
19 Wild Earth Late Harvest
20 Bream Creek
21 Best’s Great Western
22 3 Drops
23 Ashbrook Estate
24 Dukes Single
25 Derwent Estate Late Harvest
26 Bellarmine
27 Astrolabe
28 Forest Wines The Doctors
29 Flame Tree Botryis
30 Spy Valley
31 Teusner 100 Flowers
32 Pfeiffer Strathbogie
33 Trevor Jones
34 Mitchelton Blackwood Park
35 Penna Lane
36 The Willows
37 Fire Block Watervale
38 Cooks Lot Allotment
39 Chalkers Crossing
40 Majella
41 MadFish
42 Chrismont
43 Bay of Fires
44 Yealands Estate
45 Pizzini
46 Larry Cherubino
47 Schild Family Estate
48 La Linda
49 Robert Oatley Finisterre
50 McWilliams
51 Hutton Vale Farm
52 Wolf Blass Yellow Label
53 Mud House Estate
54 Cumulus Estate
55 Gapsted Valley
56 Katnook Estate
57 Peter Lehmann
58 Eden Trail
59 Tin Shed Wild Bunch
60 Trust Crystal Hill
61 Grant Burge
62 Sorby Adams
63 Starve Dog Lane
64 Elderton
65 Wicks Estate
66 Wynns Coonawarra Estate
67 Langmeil Live Wire
68 Lindemans Bin 75
69 Kirrihill
70 Orlando St Helga

The list is not exhaustive and there could be many more which would have missed our attention. Please do comment below with the names of those wines.

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