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Shiraz Wines That Ruled Australia in 2016

Ever wondered which wines were the favorites of Australians in 2016. Here’s our list of Australian Shiraz Wines coming from different regions of Australia that won the hearts of many in the year 2016. It includes the wines from popular brands as well as the brands less heard of. Sit back and take a peek into 8 popular Shiraz Wines that ruled Australia in 2016. These wines are definitely worth a try! Especially to be enjoyed with friends and family or for special occasions.

Most Popular Shiraz Wines in Australia 2016

Wine Shopping Online

Online Shopping of Wines- What All to Look Into?

A few common questions that come to mind while buying wines are –

  • Which winery to buy from?
  • What does it taste like?
  • Does it come in my budget?
  • Do I want to buy a single bottle or pack?
  • What deal am I getting?
Wine Shopping Online

Wine Shopping Online

Don’t worry if you also have the same questions. What is needed from your side is a little patience because today there are plenty of e-commerce websites selling wine products. With a little google search, we can get the list of popular wine stores from where the user can choose favorite wines. While on the website or wines portal, one should look into the details to grab the best bargain.

Tasting Notes

You can find tasting notes which tell the look and taste of wine. It also tells the best combination of items with which to drink it.

Cellaring potential

Some wine lovers collect wines for a number of years, allowing these to age. If you are one of these wine lovers, then you need information on the cellaring potential of the wine. This information is also made available by good wine portals.

Easy Searching by Wine Category

Some sites allow searching wines according to different wine classifications, such as

  • Red or white
  • Sparkling or fortified
  • By grape variety such as Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris or others
  • By wine regions like Margaret River, Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley etc.

Ratings and awards

Wine Rating and Stars

Ratings and reviews of wines are other information resources which can be read in order to determine whether the wine would suit you or not. This is especially true with every new wine that you would be tasting. Some of these ratings or rewards which wines in Australia have are James Halliday ratings, Medals, Points etc. The wines which are rated high by acclaimed experts naturally find favor with more wine lovers.


Once online to buy wines, never miss to look into the deals sections. One can look for deals when buying in festive seasons or daily, weekly and monthly deals on the website. By using coupon code one can get discounts on the buy. One can also look for reviews by other users which give a clearer picture of the general liking of the wine.

Join Wine Clubs, Subscribe Newsletters

Some online wine shops have wine clubs and by becoming its member one can get discounts on various products. Some websites also have newsletters which inform users on the latest deals.

User can choose from multiple payment options such as PayPal, debit-card, credit-card, cash on delivery and can often enjoy cash back offers through particular mode of payment. One can also get the order earlier than the shipping date by paying little extra. This makes the entire experience of buying wines simple and cost-effective and enjoyable.


Online Wine Shop – Alluring Benefits to Enjoy With

Buying wine online is becoming popular. Therefore more options are added from the most expensive to the least. There are good alcohols shops that sell quality liquors at convenient rates and let you select your favorites out of the many displayed. Benefits of purchasing liquors online include:

 just 4Find Your Favorite Flavor – Buying alcohol online will help you find your favorite flavor. Some of the extensive selection of alcohols includes red, white, rose and sparking to best suit your taste. Usually white wines go with fruity flavors while red ones go with dark meat.


Remove Restrictions – Online wine shops remove many restrictions in concern to space to show an extensive selection of liquors. There are many more options to choose from and usually are able to get the best price. Buyers also have flexibility to see full descriptions, read reviews and also get recommendation from these stores.


Cost Benefits – Online shop can offer you alluring cost benefits because they don’t have expenses such as rent of showroom or store, staff, electricity cost etc. Providing free delivery to your choice of address in Australia, these stores also play key role in saving your precious time and money.


Most of the wine shop online accept major credit and debit cards without any issue in concern to payment. You also have great flexibility to order alcohols in bulk. Apart of all these benefits, purchasing cheap liquors online benefits you with a lot of promotional offers, seasonal discounts and festive bonanza.

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Art of picking up a good wine from an online Wine shop

Let’s start our article with a myth-buster: Good wine does not have to be ‘old’ or ‘expensive’. It has a deep complex flavor that lingers on long after you taste it.

Normally, at a wine shop, you would follow the age-old ‘3S’ practice of selecting a good wine – Swirl, Sniff and Sip. But what about an online wine shop? You cannot touch the wine – let alone sniff it or sip it. With all those attractive ‘carrot’ deals right in front of your eyes, it is difficult not to order the bottled fun. Yet, you are afraid whether it is just a ploy to sell out some spoilt wine to unsuspecting customers.

Here are a few tips to check if you are getting value for your money or not:

  • Check out the label: Read about the region from where a wine belongs, fruits used, flavors incorporated in it and its aging process. It should give you a good idea about the ‘quality’ of the wine.
  • Read the numbers: Old wines are good but there are wines that can be enjoyed young. White wines that are one to two years old and red wines that are two to three years old are good enough.
  • Know your grape varietals: Grape varietals from different regions can vary. Explore the tastes and note down the grape variety and the region of the wine you like.

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